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Dorian Curtis-Likens – Coach and Artistic Team Member in Southern CA

Apr 09, 2020

@Dori Curtis-Likens

Dorian Curtis-Likens is a Sport Clips Haircuts Coach based in Southern California and a member of the Artistic Team. She travels the nation offering education, coaching and represents the Sport Clips brand at a variety of events. Now that we’re temporarily staying home, Dorian shares how she stays connected with her Sport Clips Team and what she does to remain #SportClipsStrong!

Q: What does social distancing look like for you?
A: I have been doing this by spending meaningful time with family and using Zoom to socialize with friends and my Sport Clips Family. We even had a video chat birthday party for one of my best friends last week and virtually played party games!

Q: If you could come back in a second life, who would you be and why?
A: I have never thought about this. Though I still have lots of growing to do, I am very happy with my life and where I am, so this has never crossed my mind. Maybe it could be like a parallel universe where I get to come back as myself but have a reset, having already learned from future endeavors before they had taken place. That would be neat!

Q: How are you staying engaged with the Stylist community and/or your Team?
A: Some of my sister coaches and I have set up a virtual book club to maintain engagement with our Teams while developing ourselves. We started with The Go-Giver by Bob Burg & John David Mann.  After just our first meeting, it has grown to a national platform to connect. In addition to this, social media, via Instagram, Facebook and Zoom has made me feel almost more connected than before things began to change.

Q: What or who are you leveraging or using to keep you motivated/#SportClipsStrong?
A: Video calls have been such a blessing. I feel so connected to my Team and to others around the nation. Just the other day I had a face-to-face conversation with one of my best friends in Germany! It took all of this for us to realize we could have been communicating this way our whole friendship. There are so many tools at our fingertips that we can stay connected unlike ever before. We are one team and we are in this together! Reach out to one another, stay connected. That’s how we are staying #SportClipsStrong!

Coaches Huddle

 Q: What do you most miss not being able to do during this crisis?
A: Honestly, this may seem silly, but I miss the gym so much! Home workouts are great but getting that extra push and motivation from others around you is invaluable.

Sharpening her skills while at home!



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