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Equip yourself with Confidence

Nov 30, 2021

Sport Clips Stylist putting cape on client in chair
Confident Sport Clips Stylist taking a cutting cape off of her client post haircut

Imagine walking into the salon/barber shop your first day. You are feeling nervous and unsure, but it is important to overcome that and feel confident. These three tips will help equip you for success in your career and life!

No one is perfect.. Learn from your mistakes..

We are all human and know that missteps happen.  There will be small mistakes and complete failures; and the key is to keep your eyes, heart and mind open to learning, forgive yourself, and keep moving forward.  Learning new skills are how you become a great stylist or barber. By learning and developing your skillset, you will gain confidence in your abilities and become more successful behind the chair. So, practice, practice, practice and always be on the lookout for learning opportunities!


The people you surround yourself with make an enormous impact on your career and mental health. Look around you… look at your environment in your home, your work, and in your community.  What kind of people are you surrounded by? Do these people build you up? Do they have your best interests and the interests of your team at heart? If the answer to those questions is no, try to find encouragers who support you and your goals help you find the resources you need to be successful, and positivity to your day, all day and every day.

Positive self- talk.

At the end of the day, you set the tone for how people treat you.  Negative thoughts inspire and attract negativity.  Positive thoughts about yourself attract and inspire positivity. So, identify a few of your positive truths, write them down on sticky notes, and put them all over your home, car, locker, etc.  Constantly send yourself positive messages.  Soon, you will start believing it!  And when you start believing it, positive things will happen!

On your first day, walk into work with confidence, self-love, and the belief that mistakes are just another learning opportunity!

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