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Recovering Out Loud: Overcoming Addiction, One Day at a Time

May 10, 2023

*Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in May 2022.  In the intervening year, Sport Clips created and offered a sober celebration at their National Huddle in Texas, in May 2023, and will continue with Sober Pros events, making it clear that the party’s not over just because you’re sober. The sober celebrations are just part of a comprehensive umbrella of assistance the franchise has rolled out this past year that includes 24-7/365 SupportLinc counseling services as well as the team member recognition platform THNKS. 

The story of stylist Meghan Blanchette’s life reads like the screenplay of a made‐for‐tv movie. Growing up in Connecticut, successful in school, acing tests, she began planning for college followed by a business career. But that all changed during her senior year when she made the decision to take her first drink. It may sound dramatic, but she knew she had a family history and says the addiction gene kicked in with that first drink.

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