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Thnks Gratitude in Business Award – Lisa Gonzales

Oct 02, 2023

Thnks is one of the newest ways Sport Clips Haircuts supports team member appreciation, enabling franchise owners and store managers to express gratitude and foster strong relationships with Stylists. It’s that spark an unexpected gift brings – whether it’s an uplifting note, a cup of coffee, or a digital gift card – gratitude through Thnks for a job well done is motivating and fuels our organization and Team Members.


There’s even a Thnks “Gratitude in Business Award” that spotlights those who consistently go above and beyond in their work. This includes supporting others’ professional growth, inspiring a co-worker or client in the workplace, or simply contributing to the overall success of the company.


This year, we are excited to share that Lisa Gonzales, a Coach and Area Manager in New Mexico and El Paso, is a finalist for the Thnks Gratitude in Business Award! Lisa was nominated by her Team Leader Todd Bains. If selected as the winner, Gonzales will win a $10,000 Thnks credit for Sport Clips, a $500 Thnks credit for herself, and $2,500 to be donated to the charity of her choice. You can vote for her daily through October 5 to ensure she wins! Here’s the link:


Lisa’s nomination says: “Lisa cares about everyone and everyone’s success, she works hard to have a balance between her military family life and work life but is always available anytime a team member needs her, she always answers the call. Lisa not only acts as a leader, but also as a friend, a counselor, and a problem-solver whether for business or someone’s personal challenges. Lisa has also taken money out of her personal account to show appreciation for her team members without letting anyone know she does this. She has a genuine concern for over 75 employees in eight stores, some of which are over five hours away from her.”

But what does gratitude mean to Lisa? She summed it up beautifully: “Gratitude helps me boost culture and motivation in my team because they feel seen for their hard work and dedication. This helps build trust. I believe a positive work environment leads to growth because my team feels appreciated and valued. I genuinely appreciate being a leader within Sport Clips, I find purpose in my work.”


So please take time to vote for Lisa and stay tuned for more inspiring stories and moments of gratitude that make the Sport Clips team so special.



TOOT! TOOT! We are sooooo tooting our horn because our very own Lisa Gonzales won the 2023 THNKS Gratitude in Business Award! The THNKS team read thousands of nominations to tally the votes, and Lisa emerged as the winner for her unwavering commitment to showing gratitude and the enormous support she received from fellow Sport Clips Haircuts stylists, team members, and fans of hers.


Lisa is a Coach and Area Manager in New Mexico and El Paso, and was nominated for the award by Team Leader Todd Bains. She serves as a true example of a thoughtful and dedicated leader by managing 75 employees over eight stores (some located five hours away), all while maintaining a balance between her family and work life. She doesn’t just wear the hat of an area manager; she’s also a confidant, counselor, and a reliable problem-solver for her team. Lisa’s reputation for showing appreciation to her team members is nothing short of legendary. She consistently connects with and uplifts her coworkers, creating a supportive and harmonious workplace.



As the award winner, Sport Clips received a $10,000 THNKS credit and Lisa earned a $500 credit for herself. In addition, THNKS made a $2,500 donation to Lisa’s charity of choice – the VFW’s “Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship” program.


We are so grateful for stylists who actively inspire others, which makes the Sport Clips team so special. Lisa’s achievement is a testament to the incredible work that happens within our Sport Clips family. Way to go, Lisa and TOOT! TOOT!



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