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Support: It’s why Sport Clips Haircuts is the place you’ll want to work

Mar 14, 2023

After being in the business for 30 years, we understand stylists. We know you’re creative but understand the importance of following a system. You’re independent but like being part of a team. You’re hard-working and put in the effort to fine-tune your professional skills.

Sport Clips gets this about you – and more. We put a high priority on making sure you feel supported while doing what you love. Sport Clips has launched a program that provides 24/7 counseling free of charge and covers everything from mental health to financial guidance to tracking down qualified childcare, and more. It’s called SupportLinc and it’s one of the most comprehensive services of its kind, and something truly unique for a haircare franchise. The best part about the mental health services – its eight sessions per issue. Struggling with a breakup? You can work through it with up to eight counseling sessions. And if you have another issue pop up weeks or months or even years later, you can use another eight sessions to get through it.

Imagine being able to speak to a licensed clinician about any issue at any time, and it’s completely confidential. And if this were a commercial, the next line would read…and, wait, there’s more! SupportLinc offers ongoing resources, webinars, and in-person training on everything from referrals for elder care to home repair to education and more. It’s all available through both a web portal and mobile app.

But wait…there’s even more! Sport Clips recently launched a special team member appreciation platform called THNKS, which lets franchise owners and/or managers show their appreciation for your hard work. When you shine, you may just receive a THNKS notification in the form of a cup of coffee from Starbucks, a sandwich from Panera, a ticket to your favorite movie or just about anything else that gets you motivated.

Knowing his team was going to be up early for a free haircutting event for veterans, a franchise owner in Houston gifted the stylists who volunteered for the event a cup of coffee from Starbucks through the THNKS platform. The team members received the gift directly via email/text and were able to snag a caffeine boost on their way to the event, all thanks to their team leader!

Recognition, support, and ongoing training are just a few of the reasons thousands of haircare professionals are choosing to work for Sport Clips in their local markets. If you want to truly be appreciated for the meaningful work you provide through your haircutting skills, click the red APPLY NOW button at the top of this page to start your Sport Clips journey today.


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