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Team Member Growth = Happy Team Member = Happy Manager

Sep 04, 2018

If you are in a leadership or management role, you have discovered that it is not an easy task.  You face each day with a list of things to accomplish, and most likely feel like you do not have the time or capacity to do it all. Ahhh!

Do not fret!  Take a step back and look at the resources you have in front of you!  You are not alone! You most likely have a Team of people around you with different skill sets, so use your Teams strengths to help you.

Each Store has Team Members who are happy being Stylists and not taking on more responsibility.  Is it time to challenge them?  That is something only you can answer, but maybe they would blossom once they’ve stepped outside their comfort zone. Delegating simple tasks around the Store (such as inventory, reports, organizing the next Store pep rally, or neighborhood marketing), thereby giving them ownership, can be a huge motivator!  It shows you trust and appreciate them.

You might have a Team Member who arrives each day with a positive attitude and who exudes Sport Clips values!  This person might be a good candidate for the Sport Clips Ambassador program.  This means they would represent Sport Clips in the Stylist community; with the intention of building the Sport Clips brand and recruiting top talent for the market.  If recruiting is on your list, this is a great solution. Talk to you Area Coach for details!

Or they might be the right person to coordinate your Store’s new Team Members first experiences. Ensuring they feel a part of the Team and are set for success. This Stylist could be the person in charge of making each new Team Member feel welcomed and prepared.  One less thing you must coordinate!

Then, there is the Team Member who is itching to grow, has strong technical skills, and who likes teaching/guiding others!  This person might be a candidate for the Technical Skills Specialist (TSS) program being rolled out this Fall. The goal is to have 1 TSS per Store.  Post training, this person would assist any Team Member in need of technical support and would ensure that all cuts leaving the Store are of the highest quality.  What a relief to know that you have that support!

There are so many opportunities for Sport Clips Team Members to grow and continue their education. The Team Member wins because they can develop their skill set, and you win because you have happy, challenged and growing Team Members who enjoy what they do.  Plus, you get a great support system.  We call it Team work!  Teamwork makes the dream work!

Let’s get to it!!

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