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Old Trends and Modern Twists

Nov 03, 2020

It is not unusual for history to influence current hair trends.  We tend to look at what was created in the past (decades or even hundreds of years ago) for inspiration. As history repeats itself, we once again find ourselves inspired!  Like it or not, the mullet is making a comeback and is currently the hot trend in men’s haircutting.

Trend Spotter Magazine says “The MULLET, an iconic men’s hairstyle of the ’80s is short at the front and long in the back, it is surprisingly flattering and suits many different face shapes. It allows us to embrace the natural texture of the hair and always stands out in the crowd. From athletes to fashion trend setters, the mullet is coming back into style. It suits guys who want a statement haircut with a quirky edge.” 

As time goes by and old trends reemerge, remember to keep an open mind and disregard past bias. Think about the opportunity we have to influence and inspire. And start thinking about where you may find inspiration, because the 2021 “The Look!” theme is: The Mullet! It is time to pull out all the stops, dust off those feather razors and let your creations begin!

Check out this quick video of 15 (iconic) Awesome Mullets. Below are few examples we found to help inspire you! We can’t wait to see your creations and your finished looks!

Model with the mullet hairstyle     Model with the mullet hairstyle Model with the mullet hairstyle

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